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We are often asked, “What does the CYA do? Why should we be a member?” In this edition of Yachting in Chicago, we offer a brief article that recounts the origin and some of the early history of the CYA. As you will read, the City of Chicago asked the boating community to come together and organize Chicago’s Venetian Night Parade of Boats. From there, members of several yacht clubs organized so that they could host a Winners Dinner at the end of each sailing season. Over time, that organization evolved and provided the Chicago boating Community a way to speak with one voice on the many issues it faced.

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A special thanks to Betty Lerner and her staff who year after year produce Yachting in Chicago, this wonderful testament to all we do for recreational boating in Chicago.

Sea Scout Of The YearThomas Corter, CYC Ship 5870, is the 2022 Sea Scout of the Year. Thomas started in Sea Scouts April 2018, right after his 14th birthday. He joined the Rickover Ship 5709 and for several years worked on his rank advancement. In 2021, he was instrumental in restarting Ship 5870 with the Chicago Yacht Club. Thomas asked several scouts to join him in re-chartering Ship 5870 and eight scouts agreed.

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Paradigm Shift, a C&C 115, has won the Chicago Yachting Association’s Boat of the Year for the second year in a row. Paradigm Shift’s crew enjoyed a very busy sailing season, experiencing many successful races along the way. Some of the season highlights were placing second in her section in the Mackinac Race, finishing first in section for .....

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